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  • Commercial Litigation

    • We represent individuals and businesses (including not for profit organizations) in both New York State Supreme Court and federal court as well as in other forums including administrative proceedings, arbitrations, and mediations, in all phases of litigation including:

    • Breach of contract

    • Business and personal torts, including, but not limited to, business fraud, negligent misrepresentation, interference with contract and prospective economic advantage, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, business defamation (including internet defamation) disparagement, and conversion

    • Corporate shareholder and partnership disputes

    • Construction disputes

    • Enforcement of, or defense against, restrictive employment and/or non-compete agreements

  • General Litigation 

    • We also represent individual clients in all phases of certain types of general litigation including, but not limited to negligence, property damage, premises liability, intentional torts such as fraud, defamation (including internet defamation), harassment, and stalking, property and title disputes, zoning disputes, easements and other property rights disputes.

  • Intellectual Properties Litigation

    • We also represent individuals and businesses (both enforcement of and defense against) in federal statutory and state common law copyright Infringement litigation and federal statutory and state common law trademark infringement litigation.

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