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  • Trust Preparation and Administration

    • We represent individuals and entities, in all phases of trust preparation including providing counsel to not for profit entities in the preparation of trust documents and agreements including first and third party supplemental needs and special needs trust, and other types of exceptions trusts.

  • Will Preparation and Estate Planning

    • We represent individuals in will preparation and counsel individuals and families on estate planning.

  • Trusts and Not-For-Profit Organizations

    • We represent not-for-profit organizations and individuals in litigation involving the establishment of trusts and disputes and litigation concerning the establishment and validity of trusts.

  • Other Trust and Estates

    • We represent individuals and entities in all phases of trust and estate work including:

      • Business Succession Planning and Family Wealth Transfers

      • Planning and Administration of Estates and Trust

      • Supplemental Needs / Special Needs Trusts

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